Tubex Head Office, Surrey - until 1988

The Original Tubex Logo - RIP

Head Office and Factory, Aberdare




In the beginning

Tubex started life in the 1970s as a specialist plastic extruder, making a variety of products for a range of industries. The company’s first factory and offices were based in Colliers Wood, London, and when space became short in the early 1980s the business opened its factory in Aberdare, South Wales. The company’s operating space in Aberdare is now 3 times its original size.

The company’s first treeshelters were produced in the early 1980s and quickly became the most popular on the market, selling well both in the UK and overseas.

Tubex focus

Over 30 years later we have focused our business on making and selling a wider range of products used for “Advancing Growth” of trees and vines. Over recent years our focus has moved away from specialists only in manufacture, to specialists in the forestry, viticulture, landscaping and fruit markets within which our products are used.

Research & Development investment

Our evolution has been reflected nowhere more acutely than in our investment in R&D, and in particular in the development of understanding of the silvicultural and agronomical benefits of our products to plants. We have also developed a commercial understanding of what makes our products so attractive.

We now have a fantastic range of products (spearheaded by our own-produced tree and vine shelters) and a fantastic team of people and technical advisors.

Far reaching

Our main base is in South Wales, where the majority of our products are manufactured and from where approximately 100 staff are based. We also have sales offices and staff throughout the UK and Europe. We have offices in Toulouse (France), Leipzig (Germany) and Minnesota (USA).

Tubex was acquired by Fiberweb plc in 2011. The Tubex brand remains under Fiberweb Geosynthetics Ltd and is still manufactured in Aberdare with head office and sales operations being run from Fiberweb's Maldon Factory (Essex).

Tubex is pleased to be supported under the Welsh Assembly Knowledge Bank for Business (KB4B) scheme which actively assists companies with high growth potential.