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Berry Plastics Corporation   Our parent company - global manufacturers of nonwovens, plastics meshes, packaging and protection accessories to the industrial and construction markets

Tubex Germany
  Tubex tree protection range for our German markets

Tubex Italy
  Tubex tree protection range for our Italian market

Tubex USA
  Tubex tree protection range for our USA and North American markets

Boddingtons USA   USA ecommerce brand of Berry Plastics selling plastic mesh, fencing, tree protection, landscaping and grass reinforcement products

Terram Geosynthetics   Global leaders in Geosynthetics - non-woven geotextiles, geocomposites, geocells, grass reinforcement mesh, weed control fabrics, landscape fabric and geogrids

Click-Forestry   Directory of UK forest products and services

ConFor   Forestry industry trade organisation

DEFRA   UK government department responsible for Environment Stewardship Grants

Forestry Commission   UK government department responsible for Woodland Grants & management of Crown owned Forests

Forestry Journal   Industry leading forestry magazine

Institute of Chartered Foresters   Royal Chartered body for forestry and arboricultural professionals in the UK

Royal Forestry Society   Charity dedicated to the wise management of trees and woodlands

Royal Scottish Forestry Society   A society of people interested in the trees, woods & forests of Scotland

Small Woods Association   The Small Woods Association supports the sustainable management of woodlands

Future Trees Trust   FUTURE TREES TRUST - Breathing new life into our woodlands

Tree Aid   TREE AID - because in Africa trees mean life

Woodland Heritage   Charity devoted to improve the way in which trees are grown, maintained and harvested in the UK

Steele Media, Marketing & Design   Responsible for design and maintenance of the Tubex website

Typar Geosynthetics (USA)   Geosynthetics and Grass & Ground Reinforcement Solutions (USA)