Tim Oliver
Business Development Manager
Italy, Turkey, USA, Canada, Southern Hemisphere & India

Tim has a strong background in horticulture and has been working in tree shelter sales since 2002 with both Tubex and Acorn Planting products. With the merging of the Tubex and Acorn brands since the acquisition of Tubex Ltd, Tim will be responsible for integrating the brands, delivering sales growth and improving customer service in the territories listed above as well as supported the development of new business globally.

Simon Place - UK Sales Manager, Tubex

Simon Place
UK, Ireland & Scandinavia Sales Manager

Simon has 30 years forestry experience having worked throughout the UK in lowland and upland locations. Previous to joining Tubex in 2013, Simon worked with two big private forestry companies in the North of England managing various properties on behalf of clients for investment and / or conservation. He also has experience with roadside landscaping schemes, arboriculture and the public estate. Simon is a member of the Mercedes-Benz club and writes for the monthly gazette on motorsport, following most motorsports and historic racing.