Tubex Shelterguard - Strauchschutz


Tubex Shelterguard - Strauchschutz

Shelterguard for ShrubsSHELTERGUARD shrub shelters protect shrubs and bushy plants from browsing animals (rabbits, hare, muntjac etc). SHELTERGUARD shrub shelters are manufactured from a recycled plastic mesh with a 12mm mesh aperture and a clear polyethylene film lining for a sheltered micro-climatic environment. The film laminate gives the SHELTERGUARD shrub guard added shelter from wind and herbicide spray, allows light to penetrate and acts like a greenhouse encouraging good strong early shrub growth. SHELTERGUARD shrubshelters have been specifically designed to photo-degrade in a two stage process, with the polyethylene film lining breaking up first (after approximately three growing seasons), leaving a free draining netting tree guard to continue to provide support and browsing protection.

SHELTERGUARD for Shrubs tree shelters consist of four welded tubes nested inside of each other. The diameter ranges are 130-160mm, 150-180mm or 170-200mm. All shrub shelters are 60cm tall and come complete with two pre-fitted ties. Shelterguard shrub shelters protect newly planted shrubs from damage from browsing animals, particulary rabbits.

SHELTERGUARD shrub shelters have a smooth top edge (selve edge) to prevent any abrasion to the tree stem. The tubes have a staggered weld line to improve drainage and prevent the tubes from filling up with water.

Shelterguard Strauchschutzhüllen sind standardmäßig olivegrün gefärbt und passen sich somit diskret der Umgebung an.

  • SHELTERGUARD'S plastic mesh structure protects the shrub from browsing animals 
  • The polyethylene film provides a sheltered environment
  • The film lining will photodegrade within 3-5 years to leave a plastic mesh shrub guard
  • SHELTERGUARD for shrubs is available in three nested sizes (130-160mm, 150-180mm or 170-200mm)
  • Between 5-7 years, the plastic netting will begin to photodegrade and split as the stem of the growing shrub expands to fill the tube