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TUBEX 12D degradable tree shelters with Starch Biopolymer
TUBEX 12D degradable tree shelters with Starch Biopolymer

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Our degradable range of tree shelters are proven solutions that ensure that the TUBEX tree shelter completes its service life (protects the tree for the required number of years) and then degrades naturally into the environment. TUBEX 12D is our newest innovation manufactured using a proportion of biopolymer and oxo-degradable technologies with a catalyst to allow the shelter to totally dissapear within approx 5 years after the shelter has provied the protection and tree establishment that it is required to do. Our oxo-bioiodegradable mesh shelters and guards are also available.

12D Degradable Shelters

TUBEX 12D is a new material technology combining biopolymer (starch based) and an oxo-biodegradable polypropylene. Whilst our traditional treeshelters are made from polypropylene, photodegrading from UV radiation; our new TUBEX 12D material contains a biopolymer and a catalyst which accelerates degradation and reduces the reliance on UV degrading the material. The name 12D demonstrates customers receive all the benefits of a traditional shelter with the added benefit of degradation Read More » about 12D Degradable Shelters