SENTREE Treeguard Mesh

TUBEX Sentree Treeguard mesh
TUBEX Sentree Treeguard mesh

 Sentree Tree Guard Plastic Mesh for tree protection from Tubex


Tubex Sentree 1 tree guard meshSENTREE TREEGUARD is a heavy weight recycled plastic mesh tree guard supplied on 50m rolls.

Tubex supply two products:

  • SENTREE 1 that is 450mm wide, and can form tree guards of a set diameter at any height.
  • SENTREE 2 tree guard mesh is 1m high and can be cut to form guards of any diameter.

SENTREE Treeguard mesh can therefore offer browsing protection for trees and shrubs from small  animals such as rabbits and hare, up to to deers. SENTREE is supplied on rolls and should be cut on site, and fixed to a tree stake using a staple gun or tree cable.