TUBEX Sentree Treeguard mesh
TUBEX Sentree Treeguard mesh



TREEGUARD Layflat Mesh

TREEGUARD Layflat mesh is a plastic mesh tube that is flattened and can be re-formed to form a tube tree guard on site. The mesh can then be cut to various heights to form the required tree guard. TUBEX offer standard layflat mesh which has a 12mm mesh aperture and a Fine layflat mesh which has a very fine mesh aperture.

TREEGUARD Layflat plastic mesh tree guards are simply opened up and supported by two canes or stakes. The mesh requires no joining or stapling unlike mesh rolls and cut sheets which require this process. Layflat TREEGUARD mesh can make guards with set diameters and heights up to 1.8m.

Fine Mesh combines a wide, heavier mesh for rigidity with a fine, criss-cross mesh to prevent shoots growing out of the guard.

Standard Mesh is made from the same netting as our TREEGUARD mesh material, with 12mm squares. It is available in two diameters and is ideal for protecting conifers, willows or poplars.