TREEGUARD Mesh Cut Sheets

TUBEX Treeguard Mesh - Cut Sheets
TUBEX Treeguard Mesh - Cut Sheets

 TREEGUARD mesh cut sheets

TREEGUARD cut sheets - preformed

TREEGUARD Mesh cut sheets

Treeguard mesh cut sheets can be used to form shrub shelter guardsTREEGUARD mesh is designed to protect newly planted trees and shrubs from browsing animal damage and can be supplied in flat packed cut sheets. Cut sheets of TREEGUARD mesh offer a  wider range of sizes than our TREEGUARD mesh pre-formed tubes. The tree guard plastic mesh sheets are formed on site to the required size and diameter to protect trees from brosing animals including rabbits, muntjac and deer. The products listed are for the most common sizes, however, we can manufacture 9cm, 13cm,14cm, 15cm, 20cm and 25cm diameter shelters at any height, and 60cm tall shelters to the same diameters and additionally 30cm, 45cm and 60cm.

TREEGUARD mesh cut sheets can also be preformed by rolling and banding sets of 4 or 5 pieces of material for an additional charge. This pre-forming makes the plastic mesh guards easier to construct due to the plastic mesh memory and Treeguard mesh sheets can form tree guards at the locationmakes installation in the field faster or more economical. This pre-forming is particularly helpful for plastic mesh sheets / cut pieces required for smaller diameters tree guards.