TREEGUARD Mesh for Shrubs

TUBEX Treeguard for Shrubs
TUBEX Treeguard for Shrubs


Treeguard Mesh for Shrubs

Tubex Treeguard mesh for shrubs tree sheltersTREEGUARD Mesh for shrubs is a range of 100% recycled plastic mesh shrub guards to protect young shrubs from browsing animals (including rabbits and hare). TREEGUARD mesh for shrubs is suitable for species that do not require the sheltered environment of shrub shelters, but require protection from browsing animals.

TREEGUARD mesh for shrubs consists of four welded tubes nested inside of each other and is available in three different diameter ranges; 130-160mm, 150-180mm or 170-200mm. All TREEGUARD mesh shrub guards are 60cm tall and come complete with two pre-fitted ties.

  • Plastic mesh shrub guards are suitable for evergreen species
  • The open mesh stucture allows air-flow, provides good drainage and natural temperature variations, while protecting the shrub from bowsing animals
  • Shrub guards have a smooth top edge (selvedge) to prevent any abrasion of the stem
  • The plastic netting will photodegrade and split as the stem of the shrub expands to fill the tube.