TREEGUARD Mesh for Trees

TUBEX Treeguard mesh for trees
TUBEX Treeguard mesh for trees

TREEGUARD Mesh tubes

Tubex TREEGUARD plastic mesh tubes, ideal for browsing protection of treesTREEGUARD mesh is a range of recycled plastic mesh tree guards to protect young trees from browsing animals (rabbits, hare, muntjac, roe, fallow and red deer.). TREEGUARD mesh is supplied in pre-formed nested tubes, in packs of four with the diameters per 4 pack ranging from 80-110mm. TREEGUARD plastic mesh tree guard tubes are suitable for the protection of evergreens which often grow too rapidly in an enclosed tree shelter (Shelterguard or Tubex Shelters), becoming top heavy and unstable.

TREEGUARD mesh has stake ties pre-fitted as standard and the tree guards are  available in heights 45cm, 60cm, 75cm, 90cm, 1.2m, 1.5cm and 1.8m.

  • Plastic mesh tree protection guards are suitable for evergreen species
  • The TREEGUARD meshes open stucture allowsTREEGUARD plastic mesh tree guards used in a forestry plantation air-flow, provides good
    drainage and natural temperature variations
  • The TREEGUARD tubes are supplied with a moulded top lipping to prevent abrasion of the stem, and also helps to strengthen the tube.
  • The TREEGUARD plastic netting and top lipping will degrade and split as the stem of the growing tree expands to fill the tube.