Plastic Deer Fencing Mesh from TUBEX
Plastic Deer Fencing Mesh from TUBEX

Plastic Deer Fencing Mesh from TUBEX

Deer Control Netting, is manufactured from polypropylene plastic


Plastic Deer Control Fencing Mesh

Plastic Deer Control Mesh Fencing from TubexDeer fencing mesh is a high strength, lightweight plastic netting with 50mm mesh holes. The plastic mesh is supplied on 1.8m x 100m rolls and weighs less than 15kg/roll. The mesh is easy to handle, quick to install and will offer a strong deer control barrier for many years.

Deer have a tendency to forage over large areas and this cost effective plastic mesh fencing offers an effective deer control barrier. The mesh fencing is fairly unobtrusive and therefore merges into its background.

Plastic Deer mesh is stretched during the manufacturing process which strengthens the mesh filaments improving their tensile strength

  • Ideal deer control perimeter fence
  • Deer netting is manufactured from black Polypropyelene plastic and is UV stabilised
  • Deer mesh fencing is best installed by battening to timber posts
  • Deer fencing comes in a standard size of 1.8m x 100m roll which is suitable against all deer (inc. Roe deer and red deer)
  • The plastic mesh has 50x50mm mesh holes size (nominal)
  • Tensile strength maximum load is 5.8kN/m(MD) 6.3kN/m(T