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Tubex Shrub Shelters protect shrubs from browsing animal damage
Tubex Shrub Shelters protect shrubs from browsing animal damage

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Tubex Shrubshelter and plastic mesh shrub shelterguards are a range of strong, wider diameter treeshelters, which has been designed to accommodate larger, multi-stemmed planting stock, whilst ensuring successful plant establishment

Tubex Shrubshelter Range

Tubex Shrubshelters provide improved survival rates by protecting trees against hares, rabbits and voles as well as providing complete herbicide protection. Unlike spiral or net products which can become embedded in the branches and bark of growing shrubs, the Tubex Shrubshelter us quick and easy to remove. Read More » about Tubex Shrubshelter Range

SHELTERGUARD Shrub Shelter tubes

Plastic mesh shrub shelters protect newly planted shrubs from damage from browsing animals, particularly rabbits. 12mm square plastic netting and a clear polyethylene film lining which gives the shrub guard added shelter, allows light to penetrate and acts like a greenhouse encouraging good strong early tree growth. The material has been specifically designed to photodegrade in a two stage process, with the polythene lining breaking up first (once the shrub is established enough to no longer require the shelter environment), leaving a free draining netting shelter to continue to provide support and browsing protection Read More » about SHELTERGUARD Shrub Shelter tubes