Tubex Shrubshelter Range

Tubex Shrub Shelters protect shrubs from browsing animal damage
Tubex Shrub Shelters protect shrubs from browsing animal damage



Tubex Shrubshelter protects shrubs from browsing rabbits and other animalsTUBEX SHRUBSHELTERS are a range of tree shelters with large diameters designed for shrubs and provides improved survival rates for shrubs by protecting against hares, rabbits and voles as well as providing complete herbicide protection.

TUBEX SHRUB SHELTERS are ideally suited to landscaping projects with mixed planting stock.

Unlike spiral or net products which can become embedded in the branches and bark of growing shrubs, the TUBEX SHRUBSHELTERS us quick and easy to remove - often a requirement on landscaping projects.

The TUBEX SHRUBSHELTERS PLUS is the largest diameter product currently manufactured by Tubex.

Shrub shelters from TubexHints and tips

  • Choice of tree shelter height depends on wildlife present on the site.
  • TUBEX SHRUBSHELTERS need to be well anchored; use a quality square stake, inserted into the ground to at least 1/3 of the stake height.
  • Ensure the stake is below the flared rim at the top of the Shrubshelter.
  • Using the shelters neatural strength push it lightly into the ground to remove the gap at the base

Shelter Height requirements

  • Voles - 200mm
  • Rabbits - 0.6m
  • Hares - 0.75m
  • Roe/Muntjac Deer - 1.2m