Softwood Stakes



Softwood Stakes

Softwood Tree StakesStakes sold by Tubex have been carefully selected for quality and consistency, sourced from both the UK and overseas.

All softwood stakes are pressure treated to standards laid down in BS8417:2003 to provide long term protection against fungi and pests.

A range of lengths and diameters are available to suit all shelter sizes and site conditions. Unless otherwise stated, all stakes are four-way pointed for ease of installation, and are bundled in easy-to-carry quantities; smaller stakes will be bundled in 25’s and larger stakes in 10’s. In most cases bundles are secured using strapping, but occasionally using string or wire.

Stakes and Canes are natural prioducts subject to natural variability; please take this into account when ordering by anticipating a small quantity of breakages, particularly with the smaller sizes.

Hints and tips

  • Stakes should be inserted at least 30cm deep into soil.
  • Make sure the top of the stake is below rim of the tubex shelter in order to avoid potential abrasion damage to the tree.
  • When planting into cultivated or lighter soils consider a longer stake for improved stability.
  • On windy sites use larger diameter stakes for better stability.
  • FSC stakes may be available on application – contact the Tubex sales office.
  • UK sourced stakes are available – contact the Tubex sales office.

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