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Strimmer Guards | Grass trimmer Tree Protection | TUBEX
Strimmer Guards | Grass trimmer Tree Protection | TUBEX

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TUBEX manufacture smaller tree guards to protect from voles and mechanical grass strimming. TUBEX strimmer guards protect the base of young trees, allowing mechanical grass strimmers to remove grass and weeds from their base. Voleguards are 20cm high and protect trees from vole damage and a quick and easy to install.

Strimmer Guards / Grass Trimmer Tree Guards

TUBEX strimmer guards are a robust splice-cast tree guard, designed to stay on the ground when strimming. TUBEX strimmer guards are designed to deflect the grass strimmer cord and protect the tree from damage for a minimum of 7 years. The strimmer guard fits neatly around the young tree that requires protection from grass trimming. Read More » about Strimmer Guards / Grass Trimmer Tree Guards

Voleguards for Tree Protection

TUBEX Vole guards protect young trees from damage by voles and mice. Voleguards are a tightly rolled plastic cylinder which is split vertically and designed to hold its shape and retain sufficient overlap to enable the tree guards to expand as the tree grows. Voleguards can be pulled open to fit around the young tree and will then spring back into shape, enabling them to be simply pushed into the soil to create an effective barrier against vole and mice attack. Read More » about Voleguards for Tree Protection