TUBEX Shelterguard Plastic mesh tree shelters for Shrubs
TUBEX Shelterguard Plastic mesh tree shelters for Shrubs


SHELTERGUARD treeshelter Cut sheets

Shelterguard tree shelter cut sheets can be formed on siteSHELTERGUARD cut sheets are supplied flat packed are very versatile as they are available in a much wider range of sizes than pre-formed tubes and make an economical alternative. The products listed are for the most common sizes, however, we can manufacture in 9cm, 14cm, 15cm and 20cm diameter shelters at any height, and 60cm tall shelters to any diameter.

SHELTERGUARD tree shelters protect trees from browsing animals including rabbits, hare, muntjac and deer. Manufactured from a recycled plastic mesh with a 12mm mesh aperture and a clear polyethylene film lining for a sheltered micro-climatic environment which gives the SHELTERGUARD tree shelter added shelter from wind and herbicide spray, allows light to penetrate and acts like a greenhouse encouraging good strong early tree growth. SHELTERGUARD treeshelters have been designed to degrade in a two stage process, with the polyethylene film lining breaking up first (after approximately three growing seasons), leaving a free draining netting tree guard to continue to provide support and browsing protection for approximately 5-7 years.