Tubex Ecostart




Ecostart tree shelters from tubexTUBEX ECOSTART tree shelters improves the micro-climate around the plant, enhancing growth during the establishment period. However, TUBEX ECOSTART tree shelters contains lower levels of UV Stabiliser than the TUBEX STANDARD tree shelters and will naturally begin to break down over a shorter period.

TUBEX ECOSTART tree shelters offers reliable protection against rabbits and voles at 0.6m and hares at 0.75m, as well as providing herbicide protection.

TUBEX ECOSTART tree shelters are suitable for slender plants used in hedging and small scale landscaping.

TUBEX ECOSTART tree shelters suits any type of soil conditions with its pre-fitted releasable ratchet tie(s) for attachment to a good quality stake.Tubex Ecostart, and economy tree shelter

Hints and tips

  • Choice of tree shelter height depends on the wildlife present on site.
  • Use a quality stake inserted into the ground to 1/3 of the stake height, ensuring the stake is below the flared rim at the top of the shelter.
  • Using the shelters natural strength push it lightly into the ground to remove gaps at the base.
  • Initiate the laserline if the tree fills shelter before normal degradation period.

Shelter Height requirements

  • Rabbits - 0.6m
  • Hares - 0.75m
  • Muntjac Deer - 1.2m
  • Fallow Deer - 1.5m
  • Red Deer - 1.8m