Tubex Standard Treeshelters



Tubex Standard Treeshelters

Tubex Standard Tree shelters provide a micro-climate for trees which results in better initial establishment and higher survival rates, allowing for the planting of smaller trees which are cheaper and easier to source, and ultimately lead to trees with stronger roots.

Higher air moisture within the Tubex treeshelter reduces water stress and enables the plant to survive in dry or drought conditions.

Precision engineering enables Tubex treeshelters to be nested for ease of transportation and storage. Nests are easily pulled apart, and thumb releasable ties are pre-fitted for fast and efficient application.

The Tubex Standard Tree Shelter also provides complete protection against animals including rabbits, hare, muntjac and deer and herbicides in a way that is flexible, efficient and cost effective.

For those tougher jobs, providing a slightly wider diameter than the Tubex Standard, the Tubex Standard Plus comes in a range of heights from 1.2 to 1.8m.

For exposed / windy sites we advise using ventilated shelters (Combitube and Treeguard) to avoid wind damage to the shelter and tree.

Hints and tips

  • Choice of shelter height depends on the wildlife present on site.
  • Use a quality stake (canes will need replacing) inserted into the ground to 1/3 of the stake height, ensuring the stake is below the flared rim at the top of the shelter.
  • Using the shelters natural strength push it lightly into the ground to remove gaps at the base
  • Manually initiate the laserline if the tree fills shelter diameter before normal degradation period.

Shelter Height requirements

  • Rabbits - 0.6m
  • Hares - 0.75m
  • Muntjac Deer - 1.2m
  • Fallow Deer - 1.5m
  • Red Deer - 1.8m