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TUBEX VENTEX Treeshelter

Tubex Ventex Tree ShelterTUBEX VENTEX tree shelters are ideal for warmer climates as the shelter includes ventilation holes and a modified colour for light transmission. Early trials on treeshelters in warmer climates produced the expected improvements in establishment and growth, but this was tempered by concerns about insufficient stem diameter. As a result, Tubex undertook research in the early 1990’s through INRA in France and jointly developed the Tubex ‘Equilibre’ treeshelter (now known in the UK as Ventex).

TUBEX VENTEX treeshelter improves growing conditions for trees in warmer climates by modifying the traditional treeshelter balance of air (primarily CO2), air humidity and light to produce ‘optimum’ growing conditions where these elements are in ‘equilibrium’. These modified conditions are produced specifically sized and positioned ventilation holes and a modified shelter colour and light transmission profile.Ventex Tree Shelters from Tubex

Hints and Tips

  • Use a well-driven quality stake to a soil depth of at least 30cm (possibly deeper in cultivated soil)
  • Using the shelters natural strength, push into the ground to remove gaps at the base
  • Large, feathered stock may require the Tubex shrubshelter
  • If tree fills shelter diameter before the normal degradation period (5 years +), consider removing the shelter or manually initiating the laserline split.
  • Due to its lower positioned ventilation holes the Tubex Ventex is better suited to an environment where herbicide spraying is not extensively used