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Tubex Mulch Mats and plastic anchoring pegs
Tubex Mulch Mats and plastic anchoring pegs

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Tubex offer a range of tree planting accessories including Ancorfix, plastic anchor pegs for mulch matting, tree ties and tree strapping

Tubex Ancorfix

The Tubex Ancorfix is a rubber tie that can be used for staking, or securing trees and vines. There are numerous uses for the Tubex Ancorfix within Viticulture; ideal for attachment of vines along the trellising wire. In fruit growing, the Tubex Ancorfix is regularly used for tying up apple and pear trees, staking and training. Read More » about Tubex Ancorfix

Nylon TreeTies

TUBEX offer a range of nylon cable ties for tree shelter and tree guard fixing to stakes. We also supply staple guns and staples. Read More » about Nylon TreeTies