Anchoring Pegs

Tubex Mulch Mats and plastic anchoring pegs
Tubex Mulch Mats and plastic anchoring pegs


Plastic Anchor pegs have a mushroom top and a barbed shaft

Mulch mat fixed with plastic anhor pegs

Mulch mat fixed with plastic anchor pegs

Anchoring Pegs (Plastic, Steel & Wood)

palstic anchor pegs hold down weed control mulch matsTUBEX offer a range of fixing pegs for weed control fabrics and mulch mats which includes recycled plastic mushroom type barbed plastic pegs, biodegradable wooden pegs and steel anchoring L-pins. Anchor pegs are ideal for fixing mulch mats, weed control fabric, landscape fabric,geotextiles and many other fabrics to the ground.  The plastic barbed pegs are suitable for all ground conditions as they offer the best grip, but steel L-pegs should be used in hard, stony ground.  Our biodegradable wooden pegs are ideal for use with our biodegradable Jute / Hessian mulching mats.

Plastic Anchor Pegs (Recycled)

Recycled Plastic Anchor pegs Plastic anchor pegs have a barbed shaft that offers a strong grip and a mushroom top ideal for fixing mulch mats and weed control fabric geotextiles to the ground. Plastic pegs are an cost effective solution for fixing mulch/weed control fabrics in all ground conditions.

Steel Fixing L-Pins

Steel Fixing Pins for mulch mats L- shaped steel anchoring pegs can be used in stony, hard ground where plastic fixing pegs struggle. Our metal fixings pins are manufactured from 3mm steel and are 20cm long with a 3cm L-shape.

Wooden Fixing Pegs

 Wooden Pegs for Jute Mulch mats Biodegradable wooden mulch mat fixing pegs, that will 100% naturally biodegrade. Biodegradable wooden mulch pegs should be installed at an angle to ensure that the mulch matting is secure, and should be used with our TUBEX Jute / Hessian biodegradable mulching mats and weed control fabrics.