Tubex Mulch Mats and plastic anchoring pegs
Tubex Mulch Mats and plastic anchoring pegs

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The Tubex Kwik-loc (manufactured by RIZE) is used for joining and tensioning trellis wire used for supporting cordon or fruiting stems of vines or fruit trees.  The Kwik-loc is renowned for its manual tensioning capability, which allows for subsequent release and re-tensioning of the trellis wire.

The Tubex kwik-loc is used for ancoring wire to a trellis end-post, for in-line joins, and for repairs.  It comes in different sizes, according to the required tension and wire diameter.  

A Tubex Kwik-loc tensioner is also available in those unusual situations where manual tension is deemed insufficient.

The Kwik-loc consists of a one piece die cast Zinc type Zamac 5, and combines major anti-corrosion properties with strength and consistent manufacturing quality.  An oil impregnated sintered steel locking wedge is seated in each of two channels. Both wedges incorporate a release pin for easy adjustment. Each wedge makes contact with the wire rope using serrated teeth. These teeth press onto the wire rope and spread the load across the length of the wedge, maximizing grip strength.


  • Strong, anti-corrosive material
  • Quick and easy to install/remove
  • Range of sizes available
  • Supporting products (wire cutter, tensioning tool)
  • See detailed features

Quick Specifications:

  • Sizes, dependent upon wire diameter and weight requirements