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Tubex adjustable tree ties
Tubex adjustable tree ties

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Buckle Tree Ties

Tree Ties from TubexTUBEX buckle ties are a recycled plastic tree tie designed to support more mature young trees. The Buckle tree tie is tied to one or more large tree stakes and the tree and can be adjusted as the tree grows (The tie will also stretch). Buckle tree ties are supplied with puched holes which enable the tie to be nailed without the danger of the tree tie splitting. Buckle tree ties are manufactured out of a soft, flexible recycled plastic. They are sold complete with one spacer in 3 different lengths.

Supersoft Tree Ties

TUBEX supply SUPER SOFT tree ties that are moulded from soft plastic and form into a figure of eight. They will stretch as the tree grows.

Interlock Tree Ties

INTERLOCK TIES are small tree ties which form a figure of eight and thread back through themselves. One loop is designed to fit around the stake and the other the tree.