Tubex Ancorfix

Tubex Mulch Mats and plastic anchoring pegs
Tubex Mulch Mats and plastic anchoring pegs


Tubex Ancorfix

Tubex Ancorfix tree tiesThe Tubex Ancorfix is a rubber tie that can be used for staking, or securing.

High Elasticity

Due to its rubber properties, the Tubex Ancorfix has a high degree of elasticity. When used to secure a plant the Tubex Ancorfix will expand as the plant grows.

Strong and Lasting

Tubex Ancorfix can carry the plant weight even in windy conditions, and can last up to four years.

Easy to Use

Tubex Ancirfix is easy to install by simply wrapping the product around the surface and pulling through itself and around the 'anchor' part to secure.


A labour saving solution for staking and paling up. The Tubex Ancorfix can be placed and removed quickly and efficiently.


Different sizes ensure the chosed Tubex Ancorfix can firmly maintain the plant without shearing or hampering its growth.


The Tubex Ancorfix is packed in bags according to chosen size, bags are packed in boxes containing between 3,000 and 12,000.

Hints and Tips

  • Tubex recommends the use of the Tubex Ancorfix around a Tubex Easwrap to prevent the wrap from being forced open in windy conditions.
  • There are numerous uses for the Tubex Ancorfix within Viticulture; ideal for attachment of vines along the trellising wire.
  • In fruit growing, the Tubex Ancorfix is regularly used for tying up apple and pear trees, staking and training.