Tubex Easywrap

TUBEX Easywrap treeshelter
TUBEX Easywrap treeshelter

TUBEX EASYWRAP tree protection shelters are ideal for hedging


TUBEX EASYWRAP is a twin wall tree guard with a vertical split which produces a natural overlap, which enables the TUBEX EASYWRAP to provide a better environment for the plant than some tree spirals, producing better growth and survival rates.

TUBEX EASYWRAP can be slipped over a small whip plant and will expand as the plant grows therefore providing reliable herbicide protection as it retains its height and shape.

TUBEX EASYWRAP also provides protection from small animals such as voles, rabbits and hares etc with sizes from 0.20m to 0.75m.

TUBEX EASYWRAP are successfully used for both hedging and open planting providing our hints and tips are adhered to.

Hints and tips

  • Best results obtained from slender plants that have a dominant single stem, such as Oak, Cherry, Ash, Alder, Hazel or Lime.
  • Never force open beyond original diamter - slip over top of whip plant.
  • Using the wrap’s natural strength push lightly into the soil to remove gaps at the base.
  • A 90cm cane is suitable for most soil types, but always use a larger (120cm) cane on light, sandy soils.
  • Use a Tubex Ancorfix to prevent the wrap from being forced open in windy or exposed sites (sold separately).
  • On exceptionally windy or exposed sites consider an alternative such as a Tubex Ecostart