Tubex Easywrap

TUBEX Easywrap treeshelter
TUBEX Easywrap treeshelter


Tubex Easywrap

  • Heights: 0.2m, 0.45m, 0.6m and 0.75m
  • Diameters: 50mm expanding to 65mm
  • Nested in 2
  • Bundles of 150 wraps
  • Colour: Tubex Translucent Green

Additional Information

  • UV stabilised polypropylene, harmless to the environment.
  • Quick and easy to both install and remove
  • Twin-wall design offering improved micro-climate and more rigidity than spirals
  • Overlap that expands as the tree grows
  • Durable twin-wall construction for the best possible strength-to-weight ratio
  • An estimated life span of 3 years (can vary beyond this depending on site conditions)