Tubex Ecovine

TUBEX Ecovine for Viticulture
TUBEX Ecovine for Viticulture

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Tubex Ecovine

Tubex Ecovine with twin-wall tubular construction, manufactured from environmentally harmless polypropylene, with anti-abrasion flared rim.

Material composition

  • UV stabilised polypropylene, harmless to the environment

Standard sizes

  • Heights:    0.4m, 0.50m, 0.55m, 0.60m or 0.75m
  • Diameters: 71mm to 86mm, nested in 4 diameters to facilitate transportation and storage


  • Specially blended Tubex green

Special Features

  • Flared rim to minimise stem abrasion
  • Solid barrier for complete protection against animals, herbicide and maintenance operations


  • Durable twin-wall construction for high strength / low weight ratio - making the shelter easy to handle
  • UV stabilised for up to 3 years of life (can vary depending upon site conditions)


  • Suitable for most types of vines and site conditions
  • Economy solution for larger plantation projects