Landscaping - Tubex offers a range of tree and shrub protection products from hedging and small scale projects to large projects with mixed planting stocks
Landscaping - Tubex offers a range of tree and shrub protection products from hedging and small scale projects to large projects with mixed planting stocks

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Tubex provides a range of products tree shelters, treeguards and spirals shelters to aid plant establishment within Forestry, Viticulture, Landscaping and Fruit Markets. Tubex is global business selling to more than 40 countries. This site promotes Tubex as a dynamic and forward thinking organisation with a strong emphasis on research and development

Tubex Shrubshelter Range

Tubex Shrubshelters provide improved survival rates by protecting trees against hares, rabbits and voles as well as providing complete herbicide protection. Unlike spiral or net products which can become embedded in the branches and bark of growing shrubs, the Tubex Shrubshelter us quick and easy to remove. Read More » about Tubex Shrubshelter Range

Tubex Ecostart

The Tubex Ecostart is designed to offer a reliable, yet economic, solution to rabbit browsing where the prime concern is the initial establishment period. Read More » about Tubex Ecostart

Tubex Easywrap

The Tubex Easywrap is a low-cost, environmentally friendly alternative to PVC Spirals providing protection against small animal browsing and herbicides. Read More » about Tubex Easywrap

Tubex Ancorfix

The Tubex Ancorfix is a rubber tie that can be used for staking, or securing trees and vines. There are numerous uses for the Tubex Ancorfix within Viticulture; ideal for attachment of vines along the trellising wire. In fruit growing, the Tubex Ancorfix is regularly used for tying up apple and pear trees, staking and training. Read More » about Tubex Ancorfix

Tubex Spirals

Tubex Vinewrap is a twin-walled tube that has been split vertically, enabling it to wrap around a plant and expand as the plant grows. It can also be installed and removed easily allowing for bud rubbing and inspection. The Tubex Vinewrap also provides protection against animal browsing, herbicide sprays and accidental damage during mechanical weeding. Read More » about Tubex Spirals

Tubex Voleguards

TUBEX Vole guards protect young trees from damage by voles and mice. Voleguards are a tightly rolled plastic cylinder which is split vertically and designed to hold its shape and retain sufficient overlap to enable the tree guards to expand as the tree grows. Voleguards can be pulled open to fit around the young tree and will then spring back into shape, enabling them to be simply pushed into the soil to create an effective barrier against vole and mice attack. Read More » about Tubex Voleguards

Hardwood stakes

Hardwood tree stakes for fixing tubex tree shelters and treeguards. Hardwood tree stakes have been carefully selected for quality and consistency, sourced from both the UK and overseas Read More » about Hardwood stakes


Tubex Canes are used to support smaller tree shelters and spiral guards. Bamboo canes are sourced from managed renewable sources and are graded by the traditional weight system (number of pounds weight per hundred canes). Tubex Canes are sewn into bags of 250 canes unless otherwise states. Read More » about Canes

Softwood Stakes

Softwood tree stakes for fixing Tubex tree shelters and treeguards. Tubex softwood stakes are pressure treated to standards laid down in BS8417:2003 to provide long term protection against fungi and pests. Read More » about Softwood Stakes