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TUBEX 12D Degradable Tree Shelters

TUBEX 12D is a new material technology combining biopolymer (starch based) and an oxo-biodegradable polypropylene. Whilst our traditional treeshelters are made from polypropylene, photodegrading from UV radiation; our new TUBEX 12D material contains a biopolymer and a catalyst which accelerates degradation and reduces the reliance on UV degrading the material. The name 12D (1. Install Sapling, 2.Establish the tree, D- Degrade) demonstrates customers receive all the benefits of a traditional shelter with the added  benefit of degradation. A clear benefit will be a reduction in the need to remove shelters after tree establishment.

Small plants, strong roots

Using Tubex treeshelters allows for the planting of smaller trees which are cheaper and easier to source, and ultimately lead to trees with stronger roots. This video explain how Tubex tree shelters can play an essential part in reforestation projects.

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Successful plantations with Tubex Ventex

Illustrates the use of Tubex Ventex in an oak tree plantation, part of a large scale reforestation project to mitigate storm damages.

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