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Tubex manufacture tree shelters, mesh tree guards, spiral shelters and tree wraps


Establishing a forest is easier with Tubex shelters as they protect against animal browsers (rabbits, hares, muntjac and deer) and herbicide spray, whilst enhancing the growth through a microclimate. The Tubex tree protection shelter range are designed to offer solutions for all tree species – whether just browsing protection, microclimatic or ventilation is required to optimise tree establishment. Products available include tree shelters, mesh tree guards, Combitube, Ventex and tree stakes.

Tubex shelters and tree guards for forestry applications


Tubex offers a range of tree and shrub protection products from hedging and small scale projects to large projects with mixed planting stocks. Tubex tree shelters and guards are designed to protect plants from browsing animals including rabbits and deer. Products include shrubshelters, mesh tree guards for shrubs, easywraps, spiral shelters, Ecostart, stakes and canes.

Tubex tree protection shelters and guards are used on Landscaping projects, for browsing protection, sheltered environment and herbicide protection


Using Tubex vine shelters to establish and maintain your vineyard gives you flexibility as it protects against herbicide spray and mechanical maintenance, whilst also maximising vine establishment through a microclimate in the vine shelter. Products available include Tubex vinewrap, Vine Original, Ecovine and canes.

Tubex supplies vine shelters to protect vines from browsing animals, herbicide spraying and mechanical applications while promoting fast stronf vine establishment


Fruit growers can benefit from the protection of their fruit trees against animals, weeds, herbicide sprays and mechanical maintenance with Tubex shelters, giving you flexibility in site maintenance. Tubex products that are suitable for fruit tree protection include fruitwrap, treeguard and layflat tree guard netting.

Fruit growers can benefit from the protection of their fruit trees against animals, weeds, herbicide sprays and mechanical maintenance with Tubex shelters

Tubex - World-leading Tree Shelters and Planting Products

Tubex designs and produces tree shelters to protect and enhance growth of young plants. Tubex tree shelters protect plants from browsing animals and have been specially designed to provide the right solution to your planting needs, offering tree protection solutions in Landscaping, Forestry, Fruit and Viticulture sectors. Products include tree shelters, shrub shelters, plastic mesh tree guards and tree wraps.

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