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Tubex supplies a range of tree shelters for protecting trees from animal damage. The range includes: Standard Tree Shelters, Shelterguard, Combitube, Ecostart and Ventex.

Tubex Standard Treeshelters

Tubex Standard tree shelters provide a micro-climate for trees which results in better initial establishment and higher survival rates, allowing for the planting of smaller trees which are cheaper and easier to source, and ultimately lead to trees with stronger roots. Higher air moisture within the Tubex treeshelter reduces water stress and enables the plant to survive in dry or drought conditions Read More » about Tubex Standard Treeshelters

SHELTERGUARD Tree Shelter Tubes

SHELTERGUARD tree shelters are manufactured from 12mm square recycled plastic mesh and a clear polyethylene film lining for a sheltered environment. The film laminate gives the tree guard added shelter from wind and herbicide spray, allows light to penetrate and acts like a greenhouse encouraging good strong early tree growth. The material has been specifically designed to photo-degrade in a two stage process, with the polythene lining breaking up first (after approximately three growing seasons), leaving a free draining netting tree guard to continue to provide support and browsing protection. Read More » about SHELTERGUARD Tree Shelter Tubes

Tubex Combitube

Designed for more exposed sites, the Tubex Combitube combines the benefits of a solid base for speedy establishment, with a ventilated upper section, allowing the tree to acclimatise before emerging from the shelter. Read More » about Tubex Combitube

Tubex Ecostart

The Tubex Ecostart is designed to offer a reliable, yet economic, solution to rabbit browsing where the prime concern is the initial establishment period. Read More » about Tubex Ecostart

Tubex Ventex

A patented product and our most popular treeshelter in Europe, the Tubex Ventex provides all the benefits of the Tubex Standard Plus, with the added focus upon optimising stem diameter and plant biomass in warmer climates. Read More » about Tubex Ventex


Flat packed cut sheets of plastic mesh tree shelters. 12mm square mesh aperture with a clear polyethylene film lining for a sheltered environment. Cut pieces of Shelterguard are very versatile as they are available in a much wider range of sizes than pre-formed tubes and make an economical alternative. Read More » about SHELTERGUARD Cut Sheets


50m rolls of 12mm square plastic netting and a clear polyethylene film lining which gives the tree or shrub added shelter. Cut to the size of shelter required on site in a wide variety of sizes (Heights up to 60cm and various diameters). Read More » about SHELTERGUARD Rolls