Tubex Ecovine

TUBEX Ecovine for Viticulture
TUBEX Ecovine for Viticulture

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Tubex Ecovine

The Tubex Ecovine has become one of the most popular Tubex vine shelters. This product offers an economical solution to vine growth enhancement and protection.

The Tubex Ecovine provides an improved growing environment resulting in stronger early growth, higher survival rates and a stronger leader with fewer side shoots. The Tubex Ecovine also provides protection against animal browsing, accidental herbicide drift and mechanical weeding.

The Tubex Ecovine has become a popular and economical solution to vine establishment. The Tubex Ecovine is often re-used.

Hints and tips

  • Soil should be mounded up at the base of the shelter to provide stability and to prevent upward air flow
  • For larger leaved vines or higher trellising consider using Tubex Vine Original
  • Consider re-use for even greater economy

Quick specifications:

  • Heights: 0.4m, 0.50m, 0.55m, 0.60m and 0.75m
  • Diameters: 71mm - 86mm
  • Nests: 4
  • Bundles: 120
  • Colour: Tubex Green
  • See detailed specifications